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Register Now 2021 August 6 7 8 Fri. 3:30pm to 9pm Sat. 7am to 6pm Sun. 7am to 1pm

Supervisors and Instructors Attending

Mike Leggo NHL Shane Heyer NHL Andrew Will AHL Mivhel Voyer AHL Pacific Referee In Chief Dan Ellison Local USA Hockey Supervisors Representatives of USA Junior Program and USPHL

Covid-19 Restrictions

This year due to Covid-19 restrictions we are limiting the number of participants attending our Officiating Program to 30 Officials between the ages of 16 and 30. To qualify you must be an excellent skater and have been an official in Bantam AAA and above.

Raise Your Game!

The Sport Of Hockey Is Exploding! As a result, the demand for competent officiating is greater than ever. Meet some of the top hockey officials in the country and learn valuable lessons that will help take your officiating game to the next level!
Denis Larue

Denis Larue, NHL Referee

“Whether a new or frequent official at the CRS camps, there is always something new to learn."
Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson

“Every year, I have seen vast improvement and advancement of returning officials at the California Referee School."
Lonnie Cameron

Lonnie Cameron, NHL Linesman

“Having instructed at many different schools I have found that the California Referees School offers a top-level program of instruction to students of all ages who are looking to better themselves in officiating. It has quickly become one of the top rated schools in North America for developing officials at all levels and is an excellent learning environment to experience..."
Brad Lazarowich

Brad Lazarowich, NHL Linesman

“The California Referee School is a great opportunity for young officials to get help and guidance,on how to officiate. A great avenue for opening doors for those who are trying to make officiating a career. The CRS also provides more experienced referees,a chance to develop their skills and learn some of the subtleties tha makes you a better official."
Brad Watson

Brad Watson, NHL Referee

“This is Brad first year with the California Referee School, Welcome Brad!"
Rick Looker

Rick Looker Officiating Coordinator North American Hockey League NAHL

“All aspects of being a top official are taught at CRS. This a great school for hockey officials to learn about officiating and to grow with this ever changing sport."
Brent Tubbs

Brent Tubbs, AHL

Brett Martin

Brett Martin, AHL

Neil Campbell

Neil Campbell, AHL

Steven Berry

Steven Berry, AHL

Andrew Wilk

Andrew Wilk, AHL


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How do I Become

a Level 1 Referee

You have to attend a USA Hockey Seminar. Contact your local Referee Association. For more information visit the section Officials.

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