Camp Date

Register Now 2021 August 6 7 8 Fri. 3:30pm to 9pm Sat. 7am to 6pm Sun. 7am to 1pm

Supervisors and Instructors Attending

Mike Leggo NHL Shane Heyer NHL Andrew Will AHL Mivhel Voyer AHL Pacific Referee In Chief Dan Ellison Local USA Hockey Supervisors Representatives of USA Junior Program and USPHL

Covid-19 Restrictions

This year due to Covid-19 restrictions we are limiting the number of participants attending our Officiating Program to 30 Officials between the ages of 16 and 30. To qualify you must be an excellent skater and have been an official in Bantam AAA and above.

Raise Your Game!

The Sport Of Hockey Is Exploding! As a result, the demand for competent officiating is greater than ever. Meet some of the top hockey officials in the country and learn valuable lessons that will help take your officiating game to the next level!

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How do I Become

a Level 1 Referee

You have to attend a USA Hockey Seminar. Contact your local Referee Association. For more information visit the section Officials.

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